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    I have a 1967 IMP Inca hardtop daycruiser that runs really well and turns heads everywhere that we take it. There are some things that I would like to replace/add/repair on the boat. Does anyone know of a website or phone number where one could find any information on these boats like the value of them.

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    IMP-ish powerboater

    There is an IMP mega thread here
    Post in that thread you will get responses from other IMP boat owners.

    The IMP Boat Club site has a lot of info
    http://impboatclub.com/ is not up right now, I get a godaddy page instead.

    Fiberglassics.com many of the old IMP brochures from the 60s and 70s

    Value depends a lot on condition and right place right buyer; Bluebook means little and is an insult. If you need to sell quickly it's hard to get anything resembling a fair price in this market :( But it's a great market if you are looking :p
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