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Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by Yacht Design 01, Feb 26, 2013.

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    Yacht Design 01 New Member

    Looking for Freelance Naval Architect that would be interested in working on joint projects providing yacht design solutions for power and sail boats up to 70 ft. Would suit a qualified Naval Architect that is looking for extra income based on jointly completing yacht design packages.

    I would prefer to provide further information regarding this matter by private message or by direct by email on yachtdesign2013@yahoo.com

    There is no need to send a full CV with all your details, just a brief description of your capabilities would be sufficient.

  2. Jarek
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    Jarek Junior Member

    Sounds interesting.
    I have participated in this sort of arrangements before, successfully.
    Please visit my website, www.conradyachts.com for more info.
    I mainly design aluminum sport fishing boats, but other materials are fine as well.
    I do not have a Naval Architect degree; I graduated from the Landing School of Yacht Design in Kenebankport, Maine, in 1999.
    I use Multisurf for 3D design, and Microstation for drafting.
  3. CADProjects
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    CADProjects Marine Design Services


    Hi John,
    we may be able to help you out.
    I work collectively with another Naval architect on remote projects.
    you can find out more about me on www.cadprojects.com.au
    and the second Naval Architect Paul Bury on www.bury.com.au

    look forward to discussing your requirements with you.

    Dax Callagher

  4. Dmitry Busorgin
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    Dmitry Busorgin Junior Member

    Hi John,
    I'm seeking for the oportunities now. I have expirience in Naval architect work
    and production management. You can find some of my works and a CV on my
    portfoliopage www.d.a.busorgin.portfoliobox.me.

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