Looking for information on Rijnborg container ship

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Maritimer, Nov 24, 2010.

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    I am working on a concept design for a 1300 TEU diesel electric z-drive, house forward feeder container ship.

    Looking on the web I found the container ship Rijnborg built in 2007 by IHC Dredgers BV in Kinderdijk in the Netherlands. Vessel is owned/operated by Wagenborg. She is an open-top with traditional propulsion but very similar lines and arrangement.

    Looking to find out who the design firm was to discuss the vessels operation and potential use of resistance data.

    See attached photo

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    I doubt that there was an independent ship "designer" involved in this case.

    The Kinderdijk yard and the other yards in the IHC group are well capable of making their own designs for this and other kinds of vessels. The risks involved for a shipyard are much less if they build to their own designs.

    You could contact the IHC Kinderdijk yard direct. I would be surprised if they would release commercially sensitive information but you never know....

    On the other hand, the shipowner would probably be more open about releasing vessel information to you.
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    Well you can try contact IHC or Wagenborg for information. But as the ship and the design is fairly new, I don't think you'll get more than an GA.

    From a design point of view it's a normal container vessel optimised for single screw propulsion (CPP) coupled by a gearbox to two engines.

    However if you want to optimise the design for an electric z-drive you have to change the shiplines in order to use the hydrodynamical benefits electrical propulsion offers. You radically alter the propulsion concept and to get it right from an efficiency point of view takes more than just putting a pod under thhe ship.
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