looking for houseboat plans - catamaran hull or pontoon

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by magjulmar, Apr 9, 2006.

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    aquahouse system

    Nice system, thanks for the info.

    I would love to do a restyling on some of there houses, they look like (excuse me) housing for geriatric teletubbies.

    Really do not mean to be rude it was just my first association.

    In the " houseboat propulsion" thread someone is also buiding a cat houseboat in segments: http://reiheld.home.mchsi.com/boat.htm
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    hehe, do what ever is necessary and write them :) They might need some design help - I do not know. I did some engineering for some of their products...
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    Hi Seaspark you got it thats exactly how i want to build my houseboat.
    The rules on building houseboats in Australia (new south wales-my state) states the pontoon must be made up of seperate 1.200mm sections and that each section can hold 3kpa,s of compressed airthere way of testing the poontoons for structual soundness.
    I was given a set of pontoon plane using 3mm 1200*1800/or2400 steel sheet using 2 sheet with 2 bends in each at 600/or 800 then welded togather to hake a hexagon weld in 2 end plates that makes one sectionthe then weld your sections togather to make up the length you need and depending on you finished weight depends on the diameter you need ie;the 1200 / 600 or 2400 / 800. I would prefer to use fiber glass and composites rather than steel. I have a drawing that i have done on graph paper that i can send to you to have a look at.
    I tried to down load freeship so i could use my computer to drew my design but have been unable to down load it.
    I was

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