Looking for help to create CAD/CAM Design of big yachts

Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by hendrikus, Dec 31, 2002.

  1. hendrikus
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    hendrikus Junior Member

    We are a shipbuilding company in Indonesia who is building Ferry yachts up to 100 meters, Tug Boats, Navy vessels, Power Yachts.

    The company builds more than 10 yachts per year and is looking for sombody who can help us to put designs into autocad or specialized hull design programs. The plan is to change the working methodes from traditional building to CNC.

    Sombody who is handy in using CAD applications and has base knoweledge is yacht design are welkom to reply.
  2. Triton Design
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    Triton Design New Member

    CAD/CAM Support

    My Company, Triton Design & Development specializes in projects such as yours. We use Unigraphics NX software and are fully capable making 3D CAD models of the vessels described. I have listed my contact information below.

    Greg McLogan
    Triton Design & Development
    Seattle, Washington
  3. hendrikus
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    hendrikus Junior Member

    Thanks for your reply.

    I would realy like to use a profesional company to create the designs we need. The only problem is that it's totaly unusual here in Indonesia to spend a lot of money to design work. They just build a yacht and when it's finnished they vreate a simple drawing for the qualification. This is posible for the local market, but I like to go also international, and with the knoweledge they have and the current quality they can deliver it's posible.

    For example, to build a 60 by 10.5 meter four deck ferry it cost 3 Million Dollar here compleet with interior, engines computerized navigation, everything compleet. This yacht is minimal ten times more expensive to build in Europe, than it's no problem to pay a good fee for the designer.

    Actualy we are looking for someone who want to make name in the yachtdesign world, we build what he design and do promotion also with his name.

    We building nearly 10 yachts per year at this moment, we are able to pay for every yacht $5000 if sold to the local market, when we go international we can make other appointments.

    Antother opportunity is that we can sell licences or plate-sets (if we have CNC drawings) to other boatbuilders here, they now also pay for the simple drawing (after the ship is ready) $2500 and are willing to pay $5000 per yacht is it is qualified to the international standards. They building in only this village more than 50 yachts per year.


    (offcourse income from Indonesia is Taxfree if you like)
  4. currocreo
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    currocreo New Member

    I've been doing 3D rendering for 10 years, I would be willing to get your designs into CAD, and animation if desired. Drop me an email with more info needed done.
  5. pedja
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    pedja Junior Member

  6. yachtdesigner
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    yachtdesigner Junior Member


    Dear Sir:

    Your pending project list is very interesting. What type of power yachts are you planning to build - contemporary, traditional, or both? Actively working as a yacht designer for the past fifteen years I would be interested in discussing the prospect of working with you to accomplish your objectives. Please see the thread posting on this forum page entitled VOYAGER 60... for a link to an example of my work that was profiled in YACHTING MAGAZINE.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Best personal regards,

    E.G. Alfaro
    E-mail: egalfaro@att.net
  7. IOVH
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    IOVH Junior Member


    Dear hendrikus,
    I am Naval Architect, actually I am amateur yacht designer. I am also a CAD expert (Autocad2002). If you are still looking for help, I will be delighted.
    Please reply or better email me at iovh@yahoo.es


  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    CAD/CAM design

    I’m a professional yacht designer with more then 20 years experience in this field. Till today I have worked out about 20 complete projects and more then 50 in preliminary stage. Now I have my own yard producing 30' sailer.
    As a rule I work in Rhino but can use a Cad or 3D Max.
    Living in the former USSR I can’t be surprised by a low fees for designers and engineers, so I could work out a project to you for mentioned 5,000 USD. I have a small team – two high-qualified aircraft engineers, using CAD/CAM/CAE and having a good knowledge in aero/ hydrodynamics. Now we work under the hydrofoil ferry catamarans.
    If you are interested in further collaboration, please email me your proposals and project conditions to: pitcha@mail.ru
  9. Nick
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    Nick Junior Member

  10. EmilSB
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    EmilSB Junior Member

    I am Naval Architect. I use professional CAD/CAM software for design including 3D Modeling. I'm intrested about your project, and if you want to collaborate, please contact me.
    My email: sultanemanuel@yahoo.co.uk
  11. Alexanov
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    Alexanov Senior Member

    CAD CAM Systems

    Please visit our site www.steelcad.no We are Foran usres and Foran agents in scandinavia. I think we can help you. Even with 3d modeling and NC programming.
  12. StreamWork
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    StreamWork Junior Member

    I'm professional 3d designer.
    Working with Rhino+ 3d Max
    I can help you

  13. virginiya
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    virginiya Junior Member

    Dear Sirs,

    From the web site I learned about your need of CAD/CAM Designer. I am Master Degree in Naval Architect and this position is exactly the kind of opportunity that I have been waiting for.
    For my a degree I have six- month work placement in Rouse-Shipyard. There I make various of ship design, hull form calculation and optimization, perform resistance and powering estimates, weight and moment calculations, stability analysis of revere ship for Bulk cargo and TEU. And three month work experience assigned to Constructor, in the same Company.
    I am eager to move into an company where I would have wider scope for my abilities and qualification and I wish to improve my career prospects. My English and German - working knowledge.Software: AUTOCAD, MathCAD, MS Office;others: AUTOSHIP, AUTOHYDRO, POSEIDON.
    To my regret in my country the Shipbuilding is very down from some years and for the young people is very difficult to find and apply job, so I thing you will understand my Interest in your company. I know that I have not enough years experience, but I am sure that my educational background qualifies me for a post.
    Nothing would interest me more than being involved in a new department and participating in its expansion. I am ambitious and hard working person so the long hours and high rewards are exactly what I am looking for.
    Enclosed is a copy of my resume, which more fully details my qualifications for the position.I am available at any time and look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

    Thank you for your consideration.
    Virginiya Kiryakova

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  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

  15. Your Offer

    I am a graduate naval architect and I have been doing Structural Design and Engineering for nearly two years for on ethe top NZ Shipyard.

    I am used to work on Autocad And I have been also doing work on Circe 3D.

    Feel free to get in touch.


    phone:+64 9 376 0676 (new Zealand)
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