Looking for help finishing my boat....

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by BCBound, May 27, 2009.

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    BCBound New Member

    Hello everyone,

    I'm new to these forums and am looking for some advice or a push in the right direction.

    I recently came into a nice little home made, 10 foot flat bottom wood boat. The boat is completely ( and nicely I might add ) constructed, it is now up to me to finish it up. By finish it up I mean that it needs seaming, sealing, painting and, well, finishing. ;)

    I don't have a picture of it, but here is a link to an almost identical craft ( design wise ). http://www.nexusmarine.com/flyfisher_construction.html

    I just really don't know where to start besides sand paper. :p

    If anyone has the time to coach me through the steps, materials needed, or where to find these things in detail ( I'm new to this so my understanding of industry terms will be limited. ), I would greatly appreciate it.

    Much thanks in advance,

  2. alan white
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    alan white Senior Member


    You'll have to start by describing the construction of the boat. Solid wood? Plywood? Lapstrake? Multi-chine? Fiberglass sgeathed?
    And so forth. Then everyone can help you.
  3. BCBound
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    BCBound New Member


    It's plywood ( marine quality if that matters ) flat bottom.

    I'll take some photo's tomorrow in the morning after I get off this night shift, I'll post them up and see if that helps.

    Might be easier to look at what it is then to count on my being accurate in describing it.

  4. rwatson
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    Look forward to seeing it progress.

    One thing you can do right now though, is get yourself a bit of scrap ply, sand it smooth, run down to you local boat place and get some marine epoxy (West Systems, or any other recomended brand), half a metre of 6oz fibreglass cloth (preferably special uncoated for epoxy use) and half a metre of peel ply.

    Mix a small amount of the epoxy with the suggested amount of hardener and brush it evenly over the test piece of plywood, with a cheap throwaway brush.

    Then post a picture on this thread, ready for the next steps.

    Doing a small test piece is the only way to start.
  5. BCBound
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    BCBound New Member

    Sounds good,

    I've had my hands full this week. But coming up I have a few days off, I'll have to get to the shop and pick up the materials.

  6. Tad
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    Tad Boat Designer


    You might get in contact with these guys......http://www.woodenboatclub.ca/index.htm

    I think they meet Saturday mornings at their floating shop in front of the Vancouver Maritime Museum...

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