Looking for Help/Direction with Gel Coat issue

Discussion in 'Materials' started by Jmendez, Aug 19, 2015.

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    I just recently Purchased a 1980 36' Trojan Tri-cab, It had been being used as a House boat and really had not been taken care of . I got her at a good price and I was Happy with the Purchase . The Problem was , I made a mistake while I was cleaning her up , Since the Brush And soap was not being overly effective with the few years of dirt on her , I proceeded to use a pressure washer on the deck. This cleaned the deck and Hull however it created allot of tiny crack on the Gel coat, like little veins in lots of areas.

    Obviously the boat is not worth putting in the shop for a 30,000 gel makeover.

    Does anyone have any lower cost options ????

    I do not mine doing the work Myself i consider myself an inteligent hands on person that can do the work, however I know nothing about gel coat repair.

    Does anyone have any ides???

    Other than the Gel coat the boat is in pretty good shape for a (1980)

    Any advise/Help would be greatly appreciated
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    Pressure washing doesn't typically cause the tiny cracks (crazing), it's normally there before the cleaning, it's just visible when clean. Not much fixes it, but there are some semi flexible products that can be used over it to hide it.
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