Looking for drafting help

Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by 3dig, Nov 22, 2005.

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    3dig Junior Member

    We are looking for drafting/design help.
    Local hire only. Autocad a must.

    Jesse Munson (360) 707-2752
  2. CDBarry
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    Hi Jesse,

    Say hello to your Dad for me.

    Go to www.augi.com and make a post. Also check on www.autodesk.com and see who runs the Seattle user groups - if you want I'll post a notice on the SNAME board. You might also contact Ken Lane at Elliott Bay and see if they know of anyone.

  3. beanland
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    Hi Guys, these posts seem 7 years old, however - who knows you may still be around. I am playing with designs and learning Autocad and C4D, but its really hard when starting off with a blank slate. I got some 3DS files online which I disassembled and played with. I read on the Munson site that all your designs are in 3D cad. Is there any way of buying or getting hold of the 3D models of these? I am fascinated at the fact you guys say you have built 2000 boats and all seem so similar. You must be doing something right.
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