looking for designer and builder for small recreational boat

Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by marcostdo, Jan 2, 2011.

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    Hi everybody,

    I introduce myself first. My name is Marc, I’m French living in Caribbean and I’m new in this forum. I’m not a professional in boat industry. I have a trading company in Hong kong and My job consist to export some new product from China. I essentially buy and sell OEM customized product designed by my R&R supplier under special order. I would like to introduce a new very small recreational speed boat concept on the market. Size is around 3 meters for 2 passengers. I’m trying to don’t use an OEM one stop service solution with a Chinese manufacturer and this is for why I’m here.
    How I have two left hands with 10 thumbs I’m looking for designer who can draw my concept idea and make the construction plan. I will use this plan to find a mold builder and a manufacturer. I’m totally opened minded about witch country you are but must be a very competitive place with prices near to Chinese cost. If Chinese can give me enough security about my exclusivity mold use, I will perhaps take a look to them offer.
    As you can see, this is very small boats and maybe is too small to interest a real architect. The design appearance of this kind of small product is very important and must be different and really more beautiful than other similar product actually on the market. As I often see, few architects make perfect technical boat solution but many times not so beautiful. Industrial designer make beautiful draw but generally they know nothing about marine architecture and they make concept who doesn’t work. I want use an industrial designer sketch and then an architect consultant to make it technically well done. If I can found both in the same person will be easier! This project must start as fast I found the good person with the good offer. I’m also ready to relocate where will be a manufacturer to check prototyping hull development and first production units.
    If somebody is interested for this small project, please, feel free to contact me. I know that normally is not the rule in your profession but I’m looking for full and free exclusive property design without any royalty. Except this point, all the others condition can be analyzed. A full 'one stop service' included production can be envisaged with a company located in a country with real working law.
    I hope to hear from you soon. I wish a happy new year to everybody!
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    FloatingViking real world yacht design

    Hi Marc
    I suggest you should get a small craft designer who completely understands how to design fast small boats. To a great degree small boats are more difficult to design well as the weight of the passenger and crew will play a greater role in the hull balance and so to its dynamic stability. It is very important if the boat is going to be a fast vessel , that you ensure the hull will not porpoise or chine walk , both of which will leave the boat without control to the helm and has the danger of ending up with large law suites against the manufacturer. A good designer will be able to ensure the hydrostatics and hydrodynamics fulfill the role the boat is proposed to operate in, and be a good looking ,marketable product.
    If you require further help contact me.
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    Can you post photos or links of something similar to what you are thinking of?
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    I can offer you very low prices, high quality and security of investment.
    mdziedzic (at) yacht-building.pl
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    Hi guys,
    I want to say big thanks because I start to receive some offer by PM. I will answer to each one so don’t worries if I need a couple of day. About this public forum I need again your help to know how many hours a designer can reasonably charge me from the first sketch to the final design file. When I talk with some contact the number of design hours can be sometime two time more then other. I understand and I make the difference with a junior designer who need more time to do it but how they are more cheap it’s ok. How everyone have his speciality, mine is to sell a price so I need to buy a price. I precise that because I don’t want to offend the senior designer who read this post and fight everyday to find customer. Everyone have his specialty and his market, I hope your understanding.
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    Small recreational boat

    Dear Marc,

    I don't know if you are still looking for a designer but anyway, I am a french yacht designer and naval architect based in Newport RI. I have experience with china builders and stylish yacht design. Please feel free to visit my website, www.adrienjousset-yachtdesign.com, you will find more information about myself and my achievements.



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    Kobus Potgieter Naval Architect

    Dear sir
    If you have not come right with a design office, please review our website on:
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