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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by congoriver, Jun 15, 2007.

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    I know the thread is extremely old, but whatever.

    Were I doing this, I'd look into resurrecting some of the old log "canoe" technologies from the past. There's variations on these boats that have excellent load carrying capacity, and are dirt simple to build. From a builder's point of view, they're one technological step above a dugout. From a usefulness point of view, they're practically an early 20th century wooden working boat.
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    Our company has a lot of dealings in America's Cup Yacht design. You can contact us for more info:

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    If its to be fixed locally a box barge type vessel with a paddle wheel to push it.

    Paddle wheels are not bad at low speeds and could perhaps be low pressure steam powered.

    The boiler will burn anything , wood , grass , trash , even oil if you can pay for it.

    The lowest tech today is fairly sophisticated , compared to early times.

    I would base the design of the propulsion system on the most avilaible car or truck parts.

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    I wouldn't build up small boats there in other materials than carvel wood. Not GRP nor plywood. Just good old planked boats. A locally available and sustainable resource, requiring well known techniques and using simple tools and very little energy.
    Biodiesel from a local source? May be, but producing costs have to be well evaluated not to end with a product more expensive than normal diesel.

    Good luck.

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    In 2005 I was in Sudan/Khartoum.
    I was build there (in local shipyard) 42 meters long Floating Restaurant for a President of Sudan. I was there almost 6 months.
    If you have any quastions please send e-mail.
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    contact F.DUWEZ
    fdbboat@hotmail.fr or phone in France to 05 56 40 35 44
    was boat builder in RDC for river transport project/USAID/L.Berger 20 years ago.It was a so called integrated development project,well working and excactly what you are writting on. Best Regards.

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    African boat building assistance

    Hello Jonas,
    We have been doing boat design work with an aluminum boat builder in Maun, Botswana, Africa for the past four years. They have specialized in small welded aluminum boats designed for the African market. They also have expertise with Bio fuels. The company is Aliboats, web site is www.aliboats.com. Contacts are Mike Bullock at biodiesel@dynabyte.bw
    and Rod Bateman <rod@aliboats.co.za>.
    This is a very progressive company that has had good success in the African boat building market, and is always exploring alternate construction sites for their products. Although they manufacture using welded aluminum, I think it worth your while to contact them.

    Steve Pollard
    Specmar, Inc.
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