Looking for construction plan of Wellcraft Scarab

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by hatori-hanzo, Apr 15, 2008.

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    My name is Markus, I'm 34 years, I live in Switzerland and I'm new on boatdesign.net :)

    I want to build a boat like the wellcraft scarab on the link below.


    To make sure the boat is made properly and enough stabile I’m looking for a construction plan or at least some detailed drawing or sketch of the boat.

    I grew up at a lake and helped to build many boats when I was a teenager. Some years ago I manufactured my own snowboards and some surfboards which I used to sell.
    I think I should be able to make something bigger now. But I definitely would need a good construction plan or drawing.

    Has anybody such a plan or drawing what I could use?

    btw: I don't relly know if it is legal to use such a plan. If not, pleas tell me! I definitely don't want to steal someones construction as i know how much work is behind such a boat design. I'm just a great worshiper of the wellcraft scarab, but I don't want to offend the creator of this beautiful boat!

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    If there is such a plan in existence, it would belong to Wellcraft.

    I have driven a Scarab and think it was a huge rush. I could not afford to put gas in it today. Those Chevy 350's at full throat can soak up a lot of dollars. Of course, if there are a couple of bikini's to lounge on the aft deck, it would look nice at the dock.
  3. hatori-hanzo
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    I found a solution. on the following website you can buy construction-plans. they have one boat called "bandido" what has very simillar style like the wellcraft scarab.


    just wantet to share my solution, in case someone else is looking for something like scarab and finds this posting through google or the forum search etc.

    hatori hanzo
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    your best bet is to go measure one up
    all you need is the trailing hull profile before the step and after the rest will fall in place from there
  5. Splint
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    Wise move buying plans, Wellcraft are pretty hot on putting copyrights on their designs. At least with a plan someone has been there before you and proven the plan to be workable so there should be few if any nasty surprises.
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    I'm Chris Brooks from Macon Ga. I just bought the study plans for the Bandido. I searched this site and found your thread. Did you persue with your plans?

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