Looking for composite structures engineering services

Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by ruysg, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. ruysg
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    ruysg Junior Member

    Hi everyone,

    I currently work for a brazilian OEM manufacturer, Intermarine. We are currently looking for composite (fiberglass and poly, nothing fancy) structure engineering services, including 3D modeling of the structure. We are willing to work with overseas partners.

    If anyone is interested, please drop a PM.

    Ruy Goncalves
  2. YDE321
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    YDE321 New Member

    Hi Ruy,

    Can you give additional details regarding your needs?
    What is the extent of the work?
    Do you want to design for ISO 12215 or you have a different rule in mind?
    What 3D software is used in the yard?

    Thank you,
  3. conceptia
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    conceptia Naval Architect


    We are a marine design and engineering company based in India. We are very much interested in looking forward to take up the project. Please send the details of the project, so that a positive discussion would be exercised.

    Best Regards
    Naval Architect
    Conceptia Naval Architects & Marine Engineers
  4. kjk
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    kjk New Member


    Are you getting PM's?

    I can be of help to you.


  5. ruysg
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    ruysg Junior Member

    First of all thanks for all of the replies I got. I´m sorry I haven't been able to respond (it was Carnaval last week, so not much work!).

    There's been slight internal disagreement on the extents of the structure analysis and standard compliance we will require. I´ll be sending responses as soon as I have this sorted out so I can compare quotations on an equal basis.

    Thanks a lot everybody.

  6. brunello
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    brunello Junior Member

    structural design

    Victory Design would be very interested in quoting for a full structural design package, including Finite Element analysis and 3d design (Catia).

    Plenty of experience in GRP structural designs, from 30 to 150ft.

    Kindest Regards

    brunello acampora

  7. Greybarn
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    Greybarn Junior Member

    Structural Engineering/modelling

    We have more than 20 years in the marine industry. We design and build in composite e-glass, and carbon, infused or hand lay up. We would be interested in quoting on the engineering work.
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