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Looking for cheap Sea Kayak Molds for Fiberlgass Construction

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by northernmichyak, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. northernmichyak
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    northernmichyak New Member

    Hello all!

    Glad to be a new member here, I've been lurking for some time.

    I have some boat building experience, mostly small wooden kayaks and dories. I am familiar with the stitch and glue method of construction.

    I am in need of a sea kayak for Lake Michigan and Lake Superior and frankly cannot afford a $2000 boat. Thanks to the industry I am in I have access to extremely cheap fiberglass cloth, epoxy, and other materials. Because of this I decided to try my hand at building a fiberglass boat.

    I have done a fair amount of reading concerning various construction methods and these seem to be my options:
    -A foam mold with fiberglass laid upon it
    -A wooden skeleton with shrink wrap laid on it and epoxy on that
    -A commercial of self-made mold

    I think I am competent enough to give it a go, and am aware that mt first few attempts may be failures.

    To the point - I am in need of a sea kayak mold, preferably 14-17 feet in length. Thanks!!

  2. carboncopy001
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    carboncopy001 Junior Member

    mold for sale

    If you are still looking for a kayak mold, you will beable to produce many kayaks from this mold. it has been modified by the original company several times and this is the only mold left from this design. it is a 14 foot vaccume bag mold it has been on the market for yrs but not with this mold design. I am looking for $5000 USD for this mold set. If interested email me and i will send pics of it.

    Thanks carboncopy001
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