Looking for CCA type above deck, modern below, design, cold molded bld.

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by saltydog123, May 31, 2008.

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    Looking for a sailboat design for new build including classic lines with gentle sheer, but, split underbody with fin keel, skeg hung rudder, auxillary, comfortable seating, in, maybe a 28 - 30 foot length overall. Intended for day sailing with a decent turn of speed and marconi rig. Any suggestions?
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    Your choice of Cold molded ply is superb. I build my first 30' some 45 years ago (I'm 74). For material use strips of 3,2 mm thick core veneer instead of plywood cut in narrow strips. The latter work easy because it is flat but has little strength because you'll see the nice long fibres (papertin) but the inside is just a bunch of short chopped fibers. Neal Petersen's 40' yacht build in 1990with which he completed the Around Alone (the world) race in 1999 was build that way. The yacht is still in good and strong condition. His mother wrote a thank-you letter because the strength of the boat really saved Neals life a few times. We ougth only to make small mod's to the sheer line and I think about 11 kts in Beaufort 4 (guarantied) seems a decent enough speed. Our E-mail: gouloozeyachts@absamail.co.za for a comprehensive building kit (photos) Neal's website http:// no-barriers.com
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