Looking for building space in NY/CT/NJ area

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by Momo2000, Aug 20, 2009.

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    Momo2000 Junior Member

    I am looking for a space to build Dick Newick's Tremolino 23 foot tri - wooden strip planking/epoxy construction. Anything within 1.5 hour drive from NYC would work. Need space about 15x25 feet at a minimum to fit the strong back for the main hull. I have a separate place to keep completed parts/hulls. I already bought the plans from Newick, including the dxf files for the stations.

    I can work on it only the weekends, but the strong back will have to remain in place until I finish the hulls. Willing to pay reasonable rent, considering the value of the boat I am building. I intend to start this as soon as I find the space and finish it before the Spring 2010.

    Clean, reliable, a multihull fanatic.

    Anyone know anything? Anyone wants to build this boat and has space? Let's build two at once - good savings on time and money for the frames, strong back setup, tools and volume purchase of materials. I will also have help from a very experienced high-tech boat builder pro.

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    I built parts of my Farrier tri at Moishe's Moving and Storage warehouse in Jersey City. It's about 15 mins walk from the Journal Square PATH. I rented a 400 s.f. indoor storage unit and they added power for my tools. They have an odd-shaped corner of their lot where you could probably put up a temporary shelter to build the hulls, and keep your tools and supplies in the warehouse.
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    fhrussell Boatbuilder

    Space 0n LI

    Hi Serge,
    I may have some space for you if you are still looking. I am about 1.25 hours from Manhattan by car.

  4. Momo2000
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    Momo2000 Junior Member

    ah yes, I do recognize the boat.

    I'll send you an email.

    Thanks, gents.

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