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Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by xcpk, Jan 25, 2011.

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    xcpk New Member


    We are starting up a new business, and are looking around for boat builders and designers, or a factory that can take these tasks.

    The boat type is RIB and we need CE approved boats. We want to create our own brand, that meets our future customers needs.

    We want to start out with small RIBĀ“s like 13 feet or so and be able to create bigger ones at a later time. Quality, stability and speed is the main factors we want in our boats. Also a bunch of equiptment. We are in contact with a factory these days, but want to check prices and offers elsewhere also.

    Please send PM if you can meet these requirements.
  2. yumo0108
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    yumo0108 Maggie

    We can be your RIB boat and inflatable boat supplier

    We can be your RIB boat and inflatable boat supplier
    Qingdao Baoquan Yacht Co.,Ltd is a Chinese based company specializing in the production of inflatable boats since 1996. We offer inflatable boats and RIB boat in a variety of colors and models for recreational and industry purposes.

    Our inflatable boats meet the highest industry safety standards and undergo rigorous safety testing. Inflatable boats are among the safest of watercrafts.

    Our boats strictly adhere to the demands of CE/ISO-6185. Our inflatable boats are carefully handcrafted using the highest quality materials and cold weld overlap seam method to provide maximum durability, strength and toughness. All of our boats use 0.9mm or 1.2mm high quality PVC fabric imported from South Korea.

    Our Inflatable boats ensure a secure and comfortable performance for all your boating needs.We are dedicated to bringing the best quality inflatable boats to the world.
    We are proud to offer great quality inflatable boats at a competitive price.
    Any questions,please don't hesitate to contact us
    Contact Person:Maggie Zhou
    Address:Tianshan Road 6,Economic Development Zone,Laixi,Qingdao,China
    Tel:86 532 88416989
    Fax:86 532 88413578
    Email: yumo0108@gmail.com
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    Hi I am a small craft designer with knolege of the classification rules for ISO standards

    my emial is maxsalgad@hotmail.com

    please contact me to foward you my resume


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    I am the CEO of the oldest ribs manufacturer in Adriatic region in Europe under the brand Maestral. We are currently contract manufacturign for other ribs producers in the region. If you are interested in receiving our offer, please contact me via my email address at alem.omerhodzic@prevent.ba

    Best regards,
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