Looking for B&R rigging info

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Zaynab, Apr 15, 2003.

  1. Zaynab
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    Zaynab Junior Member

    I scanned the web briefly for information about the Bergstrom & Ridder rig. It appears Hunter uses a modified version on their line of yachts.
    The original paper in which B&R presented their rig is mentioned here, but ordering it would set me back USD 40.
    Does anyone have experience with the B&R rig, have access to the paper mentioned above - or a comparable paper describing the rig, scantlings, and other data needed for making design/construction decisions?

  2. Zaynab
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    Zaynab Junior Member

    I received the article mentioned above. It is useful, but does not mention numbers/scantlings. Those interested may email me for a copy. Since it is copyright protected I will not put it online.
  3. shu
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    It seems we are in the same boat (sorry, bad pun). The rig I am proposing for my 38' fractional swept-spreader rig is similar to the B&R rig (see the thread "Loads for swept spreader rig"). There doesn't seem to be a lot of info out there.

    The basic engineering is fairly straightforward, if you can determine the actual loads and appropriate safety factors. Although the article you have doesn't include scantlings or numbers, does it mention the design procedure, methods/assumptions for determining loads and safety factors? In other words, is it of any practical use?
  4. swish266
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    swish266 New Member

    Try PBO, June or July issue. Nice article on B&R rigs from their top spec!
  5. Jon Moran

    Jon Moran Guest

    what is PBO? Also looking for b&r info


  6. brian eiland
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