Looking for Aluminum Fishing Boat Plans

Discussion in 'Metal Boat Building' started by hthoganfab, Oct 20, 2010.

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    I have searched quite a bit on web and really have not found what I am looking for. I would like to plans for a modern fishing boat. There are some great boat builders in Northwest like Alumaweld, Raider, Hewescraft, North River and I like these style of boats. I am looking for a 18'-20', semi v, outboard and wide beam. Walk thru windshield, canvas top. Will be used mostly in the larger rivers and bays.
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    When we had the oil pipeline boom in the seventies, every welder came to Alaska (every one!). After the boom, many decided they liked it here and we have many of the most talented anywhere (starting to retire now). Alumawelds and such production stuff cannot hold a candle to boats built by Allen Engebretsen or Charley Edwards here in Homer. Consider http://www.bayweldboats.com/index.html Talk to him about your desires. Turn the sound down before watching the video (unless you like gay dance beat). I have no stake in these builders from Alaska. There are simply more aluminum boats, per capita, here than anywhere and competition has driven up quality. Design? I have no idea but look around Alaska for ideas - the place is infested with aluminum.
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    John Simpson designed a lot of aluminum fish & work boats, but I don't know if he designed something that small. I believe that Dudley Dix had a 20' "general purpose" Al hull on his site, as well.

    http://www.eaglecraft.bc.ca This is a site for Daigle Welding & Marine. They're probably the most successful on this coast. They retained my dad for welding certification for a number of years. I think they have an in-house NA, but you might be able to wheedle the name out of them, if you like the hull designs.
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