looking for a help! - design use permission letter from non-english speaker

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by MONJI, Mar 28, 2006.

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    MONJI Junior Member

    I'm really seeking for a help...


    I talked with my school tutor, who has his own boat designs, to
    get a permission to use one of his desings for my school project.

    He said me that I may use and modify, but I have to write a letter
    with good English for him.

    Unfortunately, I've never written that kind of thing before and of course
    I'm not a native speaker.

    If anybody knows a suitable form, or how to write it, please E-mail me


    and I think it must include the design will not be used to built; only used
    for the project.

    Thank you very much

    Have a nice day!

    P.S any mistake in my writing, please excuse me : (
  2. SeaSpark
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    SeaSpark -

    Not a native speaker

    Don't know if i can help i'm not a native english speaker also.

    I found the point of your post very clear. I'm sure that if you explain to your teacher why you want to use his design in your best english he will be willing to listen to your words. If he is a good teacher he will try to help you, i hope you have one!

    Good Luck!
  3. Ari
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    Ari Patience s/o Genius

    Formal letter is not needed I believe.:?: If your English is not perfect so do a lot of Englishman. You manage to convey the message in this thread clearly. Go ahead..send him your letter.Use 'Words' to draft the letter then use 'Tools' to check the spelling.Spend some money..subscribed to Readers Digest magazine..get a Karaoke set..start your singing session..do it..your vocabulary will increase and your pronounciation will improve, take a course in public speaking and you can start lecturing..!:)
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