Looking for a designer for an electric catamaran project

Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by solarsailor, Nov 18, 2021.

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm building a small 2 - 4 person electric-powered catamaran with solar panels. It will be primarily for hotels and small boat rentals to provide an alternative to Hobie Cats and similar for people, who want to have fun on water and be ecofriendly, but don't want to learn sailing.

    I'm looking for a naval architect or designer to do the initial design, estimate the weight, water resistance, required power, and do the 3d modeling. Please let me know if interested.
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    I know that you have posted elsewhere on this subject, but how about posting on here any sketches that you have come up with yourself or any photos showing other boats that you might be keen on using as a basis vessel for your new design?

    Are you in the happy position of having a (relatively, for the size of boat) unlimited budget to develop this new business plan?

    There are a few beach hotels here that have Hobie Waves and Getaways available for their guests, but I think there could also be a small niche market for something like what you propose - but what would the estimated cost of a new one be, in comparison to say a Wave or Getaway?
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    Here's one example:


    It's much larger though than what I was thinking.

    What I had in mind is a boat with 4 seats with seat backs that can drop down and become one big sun bed. It's designed to spend most of the time at anchor. The size can be about 12ft long, unless more required for better performance.

    I can't say about the cost yet until I have the design. I'm guessing the price would be higher than a Wave or Getaway, as this boat will be build in fiberglass, not rotomolded, and it needs more material and some equipment, like a remote help and throttle, although there is no sailing rig.
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