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Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by Rylo, Jan 18, 2020.

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    Of course it could be, but without forgetting the above considerations.
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    Not much anyway. It's the beam which has the biggest effect on rolling, besides the dampening characteristics of the hull which comes from the form, like hard chines against round bilges. Not much common with the number of hulls. Typically monos are more prone to rolling but in your case there's the same beam restriction for both..
  4. Rylo
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    Hmmm, well thank you all for the input. I appreciate it very much. I think my wife and I are going to go ahead and try to get the plans for the Nomade. For us, I think a catamaran hull is the way we are going to go, and the boat is really nice, simple and shippy looking. Hopefully it will translate to steel ok.
  5. Mr Efficiency
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    Can't really see the boat that clearly, but that Nomade seemingly has a pronounced relief line just above the waterline, which immediately makes me think of hull noise when at rest, could be noticeable in the hours of sleep.

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    Hi Rylo, we’re the owners of bluenomads and the cat, Blu Emu.

    One of the factors of a mono is definitely felt at anchor. Even Dashew has active roll control on their power monos for a reason, and they are purposely (like you) narrow and long. Wider monos would roll less, but there’s few that go in rough water without some stabilisation, whether active or floppers. Trawlerforums has many reports, and some threads about suchlike, especially around how Nordhaven, KK and other long distance trawlers do it (hint: they all have something!). I suppose in this I differ from Teddydiver, but you’ve got some more opinions now :).
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