Looking for a classic Greek fishing boat design plans

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Larry, Feb 24, 2004.

  1. Larry

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    My name is Larry and Im Looking for a classic Greek fishing boat design plans.
    The general name of these boats is "trehandiri" and seems that no one build them any more.
    I am from greece and im interested to make a study on this boat and how knows maybe build one for me.
    The concept is to study,design -build a clasical "trehandiri" boat using new materials as carbon fibers and epoxies, in order to make it lighter ,faster than the original wooden one.
    Does any of you know were can I found or to buy plans? even study plans?
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    The FAO put outr several volumes of designs of traditional fishing vessels in the 60's. Try a university library or interlibrary loan.
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    Chapelle's book on traditional American working boats have plans for those kind of boats. Italian and Greek immigrants built boats identical to what they fished in the Mediterranean. If you build the boat lighter, the design has to be changed. It won't have enough waterline beam to be stable. Also, the center of gravity will be too high. These boats developed through centuries of trial and error. They work very well as designed. However, if you want to modify them, one of the important things is to make the bilges shallower so the boat will float on her original lines. It will need ballast too.
  4. Larry

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    Thanks a lot

    Thanks for your info.

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    I am from greece and i want to help you.Send me details for your plans length breadth etct......anything.
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    Plans for Greek Fishing Boats


    By coincidence, my name is also Larry and I am also looking for plans for a small Greek fishing boat. I noted your original message was back in 2004. Were you successful in finding plans/building a boat? I live in Niceville, FL and need a project as I am retired and bored. I would like to put a small diesel in the boat. I have zero experience in boat building but would like to give it a try. Any help/info you or anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Guest625101138

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    This one looks a bit like the classic Greek double-ender but uses modern design philosophy.

    It is a very clever design:
    and worth a closer look.

    It has outstanding performance.

    Rick W
  8. apex1

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    Hi Larry,

    look here:
    There are several small builders making Trehandri´s in Greece.

  9. lfuller
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    lfuller Larry

    Helpful Responses; Plans for Greek Fishing Boat

    Thanks all for your quick responses. I've ordered Chapelle's book and am already impressed by the task ahead.
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    Im assuming that your interested in the classic double ended Greek small craft ? Recently I was passing thru Pirius "Athens " and saw a maritime museum. They had displayed a brand new 25 ft double ended craft recently constructed by the museum. Very impressing craft constructed of pine planks splined together. No metalic fasteners in the whole boat, no frames in the boat. Try a google search. This type of craft is typical throughout the Med.
    In Croatia many are construced at present...try asking on this site...

    ask about a VIS boat...very special craft...

    Spain is another good source...try here....http://www.barques.net/botica.htm

    Sorry that I dont know how to embed a proper link...Im a dumb sailor !!!!
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    Vernacular boats and boatbuilding in Greece

    The must have book on greek traditional boats is Ελληνική παραδοσιακή ναυπηγική by Kostas Damianidis.

    It includes an english appendix at the back which is not much, but the plans, photos, and diagrams speak for themselves. Also acronyms are in english.

    Traditional Greek Shipbuilding

    Kostas A. Damianidis
    Athens 1996, pp. 254, figs and drawings 267
    ISBN 960-244-038-4
    € 42.73

    This work is the product of long-term research, based on historical sources and the invaluable testimonies of the last remaining shipwrights of wooden vessels. It examines the construction techniques, the types and forms of traditional ships, the tools, the types of timbers, the methods of designing and building ships, given that the building of wooden ships in modern Greece was one of the most productive sectors until the early 20th century.

    Also, there is Mr Stauros Psatheris, a greek designer, who sells plans for a 12m trehantiri and other smaller traditional crafts.
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    Two models from us

    Oktay Çemberci

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    teşekkür ederim arkadas
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