Looking for a 40ft aluminum sailboat kit.

Discussion in 'Metal Boat Building' started by vondoom, Jan 22, 2014.

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    Hi all. I have used the search function to try to find an answer to my question but I am looking for a more refined answer.

    I want to build a sailboat. Approx 40 feet. Single mast. Leaning towards aluminum but steel is also an option.

    I am a metal fabricator by trade and sailor second. This is a project I will probably start sometime in 2016 and I want to do all the research I can in the meantime. The purpose of this vessel would be to live aboard in the summer months, sail the great lakes when time permits and eventually take her down south.

    I have been searching online for files that I can have cut with a CNC or kits I can buy and have the components shipped to me. There are a number of these online however they are all good on file/or paper and I would like to chat with people who have actually attempted to do what I am trying to do. Any help steering me in the right direction would be quite helpful. Thank you!
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    Check the Gallery.
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    Thank you all for your suggestions.
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    Check out Bruce Robert's website. He has plans, cutting files, and/or kits available. Depending on the type of boat you are interested in, he probably has a design that would fit your needs.


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    Check George Buehler's website.

    I would do a steel hull with aluminum superstructure and teak decks. Full wood interior and no veneers. You will have the advantage of both materiels.
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