Looking for a 17-20 foot boat design or manufactured boat that is a little unique

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by B Goodman, Apr 12, 2020.

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    I am interested in a boat in the 17-20 foot range with a beam of 8’ or greater. I want something a little different than the standard. I am not looking for a fast boat but something to putter along (4-6 knots) and protect me from the elements. It will have a pilot house where two people can sit and stand (min 6’3”) comfortably. I would prefer a self-bailing deck but I would consider a non self-bailing deck. It could be wood or aluminum as I can adapt the plan.

    I am familiar with Glen-L and Bateau plans. I have looked at a number of “character boats” like mini-tugs but have not seen exactly what I need. I am thinking along the lines of a small workboat or pilot boat type of boat. It can be with or without a bunk since it will mostly be used for day trips.

    I have used Google but I may have missed the obscure gem that someone out there may know about. Any help in finding a plan for such a boat would be helpful.
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    Welcome to the Forum KJ.
    Is something like the wee 'tug' in the link below similar to what you have in mind?
    2005 Custom 16 Mini Tug Power New and Used Boats for Sale https://www.yachtworld.co.uk/boats/2005/custom-16-mini-tug-3466223/

    Or maybe something like this 'Lil McTug'?
    2012 Custom Tug Power New and Used Boats for Sale - www.yachtworld.co.uk https://www.yachtworld.co.uk/boats/2012/custom-tug-3609567/

    Or - thinking very left field now - with a wide beam for this length you are getting into catamaran territory - and cats have a lot going for them.
    Here is a 20' Skoota designed by Richard Woods.
    Sailing Catamarans - Skoota 20 trailable with small cuddy http://sailingcatamarans.com/index.php/designs-2/6-powercats/262-skoota-20
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    Self-bailing is a bit of an ask in smaller boats, and with your tall wheelhouse, puts the COG higher. You'd want a boat pretty full at both ends, and reasonably beamy, to compensate.
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    not to thread jack, but shouldn't these mini-tugs come with good bow pushers? Something able to push on fine yacht finishes without marring them would be nice. Yeah, I know they are 99% "picnic boats" but still.
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    They are not tugs.

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    Look at the Jay Benford 20 foot Supply Boat on the second page here:


    It is a half inch under your mandatory 8 foot ...

    The full plans, offsets etc are published in his Pocket Cruisers and Tabloid yachts Volume 1 and the boat is described well in that book. It can be built with the information in that and there are two different versions (one with a raised foredeck, the other with a flush sheer line) for you to select or you could build her as the Lake Union cruiser on the same hull.

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