Longitudinal Strength Limit Calculator

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    TheNavalArch launches the Longitudinal Strength Limit Calculator
    This Excel sheet helps you evaluate the key parameters for Longitudinal Strength Computation at a specific section along the length of a Ship

    • Maximum Wave Bending Moment
    • Maximum Wave Shear Force
    • Minimum Required Section Modulus
    • Minimum Required Moment of Inertia
    The required values can then be compared against the actual calculated ones to assess the suitability of the vessel

    This sheet is applicable only for vessels without continuous longitudinal bhds

    1. ABS Steel Vessel Rules 2014, Part 3, Hull Construction and Equipment, Ch 2, Section 1

    For more details, please visit
    SD 07 - Longitudinal Strength Limit Calculator - TheNavalArch https://thenavalarch.com/software/ship-design/sd-07-longitudinal-strength-limit-calculator/
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