Long keel or V-shaped hull?

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by isaac_bon, Sep 10, 2018.

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    I'm one of those dreaming of building my own boat (or have it built for me).
    The dream boat shall be a long keeled ocean going yacht, roughly 12 m, built in steel or aluminum.
    While searching the web i stumbled across this page
    Type comparison http://www.dickkoopmans.nl/uw_jacht/type_vergelijk.html
    and can't really understand what is the difference between the long keel boat and the V-shaped hull boat?

    Can anyone describe the differences between these hull forms?
    Why is the V-shaped hull an overall better sailor?
    Is this true in general or only for this particular designer's yachts?

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    Isaac, A vee shaped hull is not necessarily a better sailor. Where and how it will be sailed, in what weather and sea state, consideration of comfort factor, rig choice,
    and a whole list of other variables determine whether a boat type sails better. One must also define words like "better". Does that mean faster, more weatherly, drier, limited draft, etc.

    A vee shaped hull would probably be easier to build, in steel or aluminum, than a round bottomed long keel boat. The vee choice might be somewhat less expensive to build for that reason.

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    Agree with messabout. Here is a pic of along keel sailboat. It spans nearly the entire length of the hull below the waterline. These hulls are generally slower, but there are some faster ones out there. Here is a Toshiba 36. It has good speed compared to others. Something like that might be your ticket. Designed by Robert Perry. See link below to this and others similar in size.

    The Tashiba 36 Sailboat http://bluewaterboats.org/tashiba-36/
    The Cape George 36 Sailboat http://bluewaterboats.org/cape-george-36/
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