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Discussion in 'Software' started by RedHanan, Feb 18, 2011.

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    Greetings all...

    I am writing to inquire whether anyone has direct experience with the Lloyds Register SSC software. This appears to be Lloyds written software designed to help builders and designers assess and expedite compatibility with the Rules and Regulations for the Classification of Special Service Craft. We are North American yacht designers and builders in the middle of a complete restoration of an 83' LOD 1924 yacht that once carried LR classification but has since let lapse. LR has agreed to review and re-class the boat and I am principally interested to know whether this software will facilitate our structural and mechanical plan submissions.
    Thanks to all
  2. Paul Kotzebue

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    We SSC software for nearly all our yacht submittals to Lloyd's at the company I work for. We have found it to be useful and are satisfied with it.
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    If you submit your design drawings to LR along with the SSC file, they will review the basic particulars of the SSC file to ensure the correct principal particulars have been entered. Once that is done, the approval process is much quicker, as non-compliance is very easily spotted.. I use it all the time.

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    I use the LR SSC software a lot but be cautioned it is only a design tool for structural application. You use it only when designing structures based on the input (boat particulars). While it may help in the plans preparations (calculations, stress analysis) you need the book to supplement it.

    For example, in the structural drawings, you need to specify details. The book has a chapter that illustrates design details (not shown in the software) in which the LR will be looking at in the plans for compliance.

    Since you are restoring a boat that has already been built, the more that you need the book as there are several chapters that deals with electrical requirements, navcom, machinery and the likes, all of which the LR will be looking for compliance.

    The LR SSC regulation is available in this forum.
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