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Discussion in 'Materials' started by madfish, Sep 13, 2014.

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    I am repairing a livewell that has cracks around the bottom. It is a fiberglass well and assume gelcoated. After repairing with fiberglass should I coat with gelcoat or is there a special paint? I would like to make it light blue also.

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    You could gelcoat again. Make sure that you get waxed so the surface cures. Another easier way is epoxy paint.
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    Since it's a live well, I'd not use epoxy paint as the sealant, just as a top coat to offer some color. This will only be necessary if you don't gel coat. The gel coat will seal the surface, but a good color match will be difficult. Inside a well, I'm not sure this is as import. If it is then consider the epoxy paint, but only as a uniform coloring, not as a sealant. If it was me, I'd just gel coat it and call it a day, regardless of the color match.
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