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Discussion in 'Materials' started by gary1, May 6, 2006.

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    I'am about to start building a boat using the stich n glue method using epoxy resin. The boat is a 22ft long planing hull design. Now when it comes times to paint I want to put the most durable finish I can on the bottom of it that I can ,to protect it when beaching it etc.
    I have heard abbout a product called Line-x supposed to be some sort of spray on polyurethene type of material,it is supposed to be slightly textured and have marine applications eg deck and hull. It apparently doesn't have a glass like finish would a slightly textured finish affect the performence that much. Wondering if anyone has used this product in a mmarine application.
    If not would anyone have any suggestions as to a product that i might be able to use besides paint that is really tough and durable for the bottom of the boat. This is the Line-x site
    Thank's Gary
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    I have used it on decks and interiors, but don't think it would be that great on the hull of a planing design, best to keep the finish smooth I would think.
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