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Discussion in 'Stability' started by Harshith S, Mar 24, 2022.

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    Greeting All,
    I have been working on a Barge model, trying to determine it's intact stability characteristics. But during the calculation of Limiting KG related to severe wind and rolling criteria, I am getting higher values of Limiting KG for few of the initial displacements. I am working out stability characteristics using Maxsurf Stability Module. The vessel's depth is 36 ft . I have considered A.749(18) code on intact stability criteria, listed in the criteria list of Maxsurf. I tried varying Total windage area and the centroid values, as i ran through different values of them, it had little to no effect on the Limiting KG values. I am really confused why I am getting wrong values. Will be attaching model profile view, criteria window and one sample values i have considered. Any valuable inputs is appreciated.
    Thank you.
    upload_2022-3-24_18-19-52.png upload_2022-3-24_18-19-13.png
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    That's normal with a barge. Think about how BM is calculated and all will be clear.
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