Lightning Centerboard Pivot Seal

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Kim Cullars, Jun 22, 2013.

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    Kim Cullars New Member

    I have a leak from the seal of my centerboard pivot bolt. There is a 1" nut on either side of the centerboard trunk. I can move them a little, but it is stubborn. I wanted to check with someone to ask if they were reverse thread before I did any damage. My Lightning is fiberglass, number 9012.
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    There is no reason for the pivot pin threads to be left handed. If the nuts are hard to move that is no surprise. Just a tiny bit of corrosion in the thread faces will make the assembly difficult to take apart.

    Use some penetrant such as Kroil. (Kroil is much more effective stuff than WD40.) Let it stand overnight and then try again. Use longer wrenches or cheater bars if necessary. Last resort, get hold of an impact wrench and the nuts will come loose whether they want to or not.
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