Life is too short to fair above the waterline

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Lachie, Mar 19, 2021.

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    For me, sailing is about the beauty in a simple world. It's about adventure and above all, about self-sufficiency.

    Lost on a deserted island, I'm not going to rescue myself by building a motor boat. If I'm able to do it at all, it will be a sailboat. Sailing has been humanity's primary method of fishing, trade and commerce, and dispersal long before we had the technology and wealth to build cars, planes, or trains. It can still be viable, if not wildly profitable. Maybe it will never again compete against those super-ships running on giant diesel engines or nuclear power, but for small companies looking for a niche market where fossil fuel-based shipping companies have trouble justifying the cost, where infrastructure isn't in place to support diesel or nuclear, sailing may be the only solution that makes sense.

    Sailing is simply beautiful, in a dinghy or on a million dollar yacht. Challenges, such as the Around in Ten exist because people are both hungry for and convinced of its success, to find cheap, independent ways to do what the wealthier half can do, but on a tiny budget.

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    rael dobkins Dreams come True, But only to Dreamers...

    Yes, looking good, but more photos will look better....

    I like cats, though Proas fit my pocket better, more cruiser for less cash. the peoples boat... The islanders of the Pacific built Proas for the same reason. Labour costs what it costs... the less the better. materials are the same, they too have a cost, no matter how you pay for them.

    Shunters are strong! Zero bridge deck loads, potentially faster, potentially more fun...

    Low RM is an advantage, Ama skims the surface reducing resistance yet piercing waves for a smooth Vaka ride. A properly designed Leepod will hold her upright in a gust, and easy reefing is a must.

    The windward hull on a cat takes a beating stressing the bridgedeck, a wave piercing Ama will follow the seas with greater ease, Lashed akas are free to move and flex... Therefor, the Vaka, where the accommodation is rides smoother.

    Faster build, one Vaka and an Ama. I can build a 7 meter ama in a couple weeks...

    What u say Superman? I should ask u the same Question, why not just build a Shunter?

    Though I wont, since there aren't bad boats, only misunderstood ones...
    Understanding ones boat, it's pros and cons, choosing the right boat for the intendent use, will always be a good boat, no matter what.

    Keep Shunting, Balkan Shipyards.
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    rael dobkins Dreams come True, But only to Dreamers...

    Well put, unfortunately your words have come to be the lost factor of sailing...
    The modern sailor will turn his engine on, in anything under a F3....
    Boats are so complex and high tech now days, that they have become dangerous. One needs to master many skills, in order to take care of all the potential failures that could occur at sea... Sadly very few actually do.

    The future of sailing you describe gives me hope, may your prophesy come true!!!
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    I'm building a tri. I don't have a lot of pictures the two ama's are done I'm on the home stretch for hull construction. The proa's are interesting and maybe one day I'll get a ride on one but not my cup of tea. I've enjoyed the videos you post here they do look like alot of fun.
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  5. rael dobkins
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    rael dobkins Dreams come True, But only to Dreamers...

    As a teenager I started cruising on a Tri, I have a soft spot for them... Then I fell in love with Mono's then Wharrams... Then Proas... I'm probably very soft... Please post Photos, they always make a good conversation. Proas are the Black sheep of the family, that's why we get along I suppose. Shunting is inferior to tacking, it's slower and riskier... Yet Shunters have many advantages as a result. You win some, u lose some, I suppose... Good Luck with your Tri, Keep Tacking..... Balkan Shipyards
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