Life Diverts Another Dream

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by Charly, May 20, 2013.

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    It seems like the egg or the chicken question. Did life wreck their dream or did the dream wreck their life?

    Aside from the mention in the first few posts of
    , there is no anticipated time schedule. It's telling that at the end of 14 months, only 1 unfinished hull with a partial bridge had been completed, with a value of next to nothing in the scheme of things.

    Here is the rub, as far as I can see.
    I believe perfectionism is a big disadvantage on such a large project. Too much time is expended on the looks of things (fairing, tight fits) and getting things as structurally sound as is possible. The plans should have enough structural overbuild incorporated into them so structural perfection is not required.

    As far as the couple are concerned, you never know what will happen. The boat looks pretty close to being a boat and the separation has only been for a few months. It is by no means a done deal and the dream, or their lives together, have not been forever cast asunder. Humans are flexible.
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    boats and women dont mix. one or the other...not a combo
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    A bit MC there MP

    There have been plenty of major bust ups between male ventures too - independent minds, egos, priorities etc.

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    Damn right. My financial controller personality is in constant conflict with my boat builder personality, and both of them hate my machine tool buyer personality.

    Then there's the tool repair & maintenance personality, who hates everyone else for using things and making them *need* R&M. As the big air compressor is currently u/s, that one is currently running rampant and the boat builder part is cringing & begging because it *needs* the compressor to finish blasting the anchor winch......

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