Let's Design a Custom HVAC System

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by CatBuilder, Feb 19, 2012.

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    michael pierzga Senior Member

    So you should add some extra BTU power to overcome the transfer of air.

    These typical screw in vents are easier to live with...stay clean and guests dont break them. Cant remeber the manufacture...perhaps Vetus ?

    With a powerfull blower be careful that the vents, butterflies and ducting dont whistle, transfer noise.

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  2. CatBuilder

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    I've been doing some reading this afternoon (too exhausted to do much else... huge layup today).

    Michael, you're right.

    The hydronic system does seem better upon closer inspection. Looks like an easier install and the lines are smaller than I had thought. I would have to add up all the lengths of line, but they shouldn't weigh so much and the heating and cooling will be more even.

    Take a look at this off the shelf product that is nearly identical to what I was looking at building:

  3. CatBuilder

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    Here is the GA. I am hoping and assuming GA stands for "General Arrangement" in the context it was used... as in layout.

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    CatBuilder, Here are the suggestions from my son on heating and cooling your Catamaran. He suggested 2- 9,000 air handlers one for each room in the sponsons, and an 18,000 air handler for the main room. These are duckless air handlers but you can get ducted ones also. Each can be individually be shut off or turned down when not using that space. All air handlers run off a single sized condenser unit on the exterior. Two 9,000 air handlers and one 18,000 add up to 3 tons of air conditioning. It is a heat pump system and should draw no more than 30 amps (220)
    a single 1/4" or 5/16" copper line is run to each airhandler from the compressor
    (refrigerent line) and a power line from the compressor to each air handler. Thats it. Everything runs off the compressor. The units cost about $500 for each 9,000 air handler and 1,000 for the 18,000 unit. A 3-4 ton compressor will run you 2,000 to 2,500 bucks. Normally, you can run up to 4 air handlers with one compressor. Larger systems you can run up to 9 unit off one compressor. Use only Fujitsu or Mitsubishi units--parts avaiable anywhere. Other stuff is junk............5 year warranty on everything and a 7 year warranty on the compressor. They have installed these in 5 tug boats that push 1/2 mile long barges from New Orleans up the Tennessee River to Knoxville. Here is the web site for Fujitsu http://www.goductless.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=96 You may want to consider re-wiring the compressor with tinned wire or see if the company could do it. My son did not know. These are great units and highly efficent. Hope this helps you.
    Stan Rasor PS they are quiet. When I say ducted you could run a line off say a 9,000 unit to the bathrooms
    Wood Lasts Generations I've double posted this in error.

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    hoytedow Carbon Based Life Form

  6. CatBuilder

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    Thank you, Stan. Very helpful. I had been considering these as well. Just a matter of having the AC power to run them and finding a place for the compressor/condenser.

    I answered your PM with a few more words. :)
  7. CatBuilder

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    Oh, wow. If I can duct the output of these to go to tiny boat zones and make the outside unit look nice, this is probably the way to go.

    (Daiquiri is right again!)

    Then, I just need to generate a bunch of AC power. I guess everything could run off AC then, if this huge load is.

    AC watermaker, AC battery charger, AC hot water heater (with coolant loop from generator).

    Then, I will have a solar array to keep batteries topped off and to keep up with bursts like microwave usage, hairdryers, etc...

    I guess off the shelf is probably the way to go.

    Thanks, everyone. I will look closely at all of this to see about weight and stuff.

  8. rasorinc
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    You need one really good and quiet gen set. The heat and ac is cheap but my son was firm use only the conpanies I listed because you can get parts in 24 hours in any port in the area.
    they have had only 1 warranty repair in the 5 tugs they did. As I said you can hide the compressor with venting, I'm good at finding space for it and I love lourvers
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