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Discussion in 'Projects & Proposals' started by Straycatstrut, Jul 4, 2017.

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  1. Straycatstrut

    Straycatstrut Previous Member

    Here a starting point:

    Designed for production
    Ultra high performance world cruiser
    High clearance
    Slippery hull
    Balsa & foam w/Sglass skins
    Carbon wing mast
    Flat panel construction
    Attended use:

    Ultra low profile deck /low windage
    Sealed hulls with offshore cert.
    Sealing hatches
    Remote remote remote offgrid travel
    Ultra light travel, Think freeze dried food camping fuel and little payload.

    40ft ish
    Single 20hp beta
    Sonic drive center of deck
    2 people travel sleeping for 4
    No weight on ends
    Extra buoyancy

    If people put their heads together on this, I'll build it! Fast, Full-time
    I will even consider starting a yard and building them for sale. U.S. market
    Owner owned company??? Start up possible!

    Lots of knowledge here! I bet we can come up with a unreal design.

    Materials under 100k
    Fast build design
    Sale price target of 500k

    This boat fills a very limited market..
    It's an extreme travel cat, that won't fit most, But those it fits will be excited to see it! You know who you are.

    I'll stop there for now, many more ideas if there is interest.

    If we set a design, I'll start building full time Jan 2018 till done. I'll document
    The whole build via you tube, photos, blogs. Updated daily.
    That's months of planning.

    What says you??
    Good time for a start up I belive.
  2. Alik
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    Alik Senior Member

  3. Mr Efficiency
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    Mr Efficiency Senior Member

    The freeze-dried food is a worry.
  4. Straycatstrut

    Straycatstrut Previous Member

    And your how old???? Troll....
  5. Straycatstrut

    Straycatstrut Previous Member

    You charge people real money or Play- Doh?

    Let's not move my thread in the wrong direction. And maybe grow up?

    This is a viable project.
  6. Mr Efficiency
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    Mr Efficiency Senior Member

    Grow up ? Nah. :)
  7. upchurchmr
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    upchurchmr Senior Member

    No, and you need a little knowledge of the people here before starting throwing insults.
    Not the way to enlist help.
    And you need a lot.

    You also can't get this done buy assuming everyone who responds is competent to help.

    First off you need to write a SOR (statement of requirements) such that someone can start designing.
    It needs to have actual facts - not things like "extra buoyancy". Extra compared to what and why.

    Wing mast - freestanding or stayed?
    What difference does freeze dried food make?
    How much total weight, and sail area?
    How much total beam, how much beam for each hull at the waterline?
    Standing headroom anywhere?

    I'd suggest you take a Stiletto 27 and stretch it to 40' and you're done.
  8. Straycatstrut

    Straycatstrut Previous Member

    You got it backwards.
    The task is what the design will be based on....

    I'm open to all fresh ideas.
    Clear slate build.

    Don't want to go crazy with unproven ideas. Prefer to stick with tried and true. Bullet proof.
    If you don't have any imagination, then your no help in this thread. Quite common on fourms...nothing really productive to add, so just troll acting smart....

    I have a few very experianced
    People interested in this idea.
    It will be a very focused design.

    I was seeking more opinions on this idea.

    If your a working full-time designer, future work is possible. If your just a wanna be or rude stay out of my thread. If you want to derail my future business plans with sillyness, be prepared for my offering your company the same respect...

    So with that said, back on point..
    Anyone with opinions on how they would spec this cat as a STARING POINT?
  9. upchurchmr
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    upchurchmr Senior Member

    Good luck, but I think you are the troll.
  10. Straycatstrut

    Straycatstrut Previous Member


    Stay on topic in my thread
  11. Straycatstrut

    Straycatstrut Previous Member

    So here is more detail for those that want to join in.

    Pod: small with inside steering low windage design. Sitting headroom on center steering with nav equip.

    Dagger boards

    Kick up rudder

    Mast option, strong, but light.
    Want to limit weight up high as much as possible.

    Galley down, small. Will use MANUAL water pumps. With water holding below

    No stove, just kero camp stoves.

    Head, Air compost.

    Led lights

    Shower, small 12v pump with water holding tank. Small grey water hold...

    Racks, folding doubles with storage under

    Engine, 20hp beta with a large
    Pully type charging system
    On center line, with a long tail sonic leg. Flips up under the deck, prop into the aft seating.
    X2 small elec. Drives under aft berths. Lith ion batts'

    Deployable solar system. My design.

    Deck tent hilliberg tunnel black.. freeze dried food?
    Weight....get real

    Everything has to be easy to make. No custom molds needed.
    Flat panel construction?

    Core cell and sglass hulls
    Honeycomb interior
    Carbon for strength in structure areas as needed. Epoxy.


    Be able to travel Ultra light, fast, safe. Using deck tent most of the time, unless weather says different! Down in hulls cooking and sleeping. Not bbq party's.
    Sealed hulls with blue water access hatches. X2
    Sealed in case of the unthinkable. Life pod..
    Yes that's part of the design. Water tight hulls.
    Major buoyancy in hulls, dont need major living space.
    Seal those hull compartments achieving a unreal ride for a cat.

    90% tramps forward.
    Mast standing deck for work
    Plus a Catwalk

    Strong winch in cat walk, for anchor/beach landings.

    That's about it so far.
  12. Straycatstrut

    Straycatstrut Previous Member

    Look of cat:
    See attachment (yes I know it's a mono hull all future idoits that want to tell me that)

    But the design focus is the same...

    Very low slung cabin top like in photo. Very high tech look.
    Steering inside and a rack for watch. Nav station.
    Maybe a coffee maker...

    So take a high performance cat hull, and stretch, bend, shape that top style on the deck. And there we have it. High tech looking rocketship cat.

    Attached Files:

  13. Straycatstrut

    Straycatstrut Previous Member

    Maybe this type top, wider for a cat deck... that's the idea.
    Results in less windage, because it's a small pod, very wide stable side decks.

    Add: 2x berths aft
    Hull 1 aft berth, shower head mid. Forward storage small...
    Hull 2 aft berth, galley mid, small work station forward
    For a water maker ect..
    Fuel and water storage will be center, forward of pod.
    Engine is center pod maybe under a aft seat. Offset hatch left or right.

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Jul 4, 2017
  14. Angélique
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    Angélique aka Angel (only by name)

    Hi buddy Stray Cat Strut,
    All of this just for getting a straight answer right away in post #2, better see the forum's Terms of Service and Rules:

    ‘‘ 2a.) It is never acceptable to insult or attack other members. Disagreement is healthy and beneficial to intelligent discussion but should be based always on ideas and factual information and never degenerate to a personal attack or insult. ’’
    Oh I get it, you're just a sweet talker . . :confused:

  15. Boat Design Net Moderator
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    With 4 reported posts and people being called trolls and idiots already, this thread is off to such a bad start that it's probably best to draw it to a close.
    Good luck with your project in any case.
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