Lessons from GGR18

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    I've been pointed here by a friend, so 'Hello'.....

    I've very interested in such lessons as can be gleaned from the Golden Globe '18. Already - early September - we're reading of significant problems and resourceful solutions. Some of these are not new, such as the prepared carriage of a tested jury rig ( Are Wiig ) and multiple steering gear failure ( Philippe Peche et al ).

    There are hints that some individuals' preparations - boat and self - fell short of what was needed, with predictable consequences. I'm certain there's much more to glean....

    Of significance at present, now he's safe in Cape Town, is Are Wiig's jury rig setup.


    What, if anything, would readers here do differently?

    I've just found this: Lessons from GGR18 https://www.boatdesign.net/threads/lessons-from-ggr18.60980/
    Some very good Qs and As in there....
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    Any jury rig will have to be built with the useful parts left at hand. A good film to watch, which illustrates this principle, is the recently released Adrift. In it the main character fashions a crude rig, using the mainsail boom, some sheet lines, and a jib with its foot used as its luff. This movie is based on an actual occurrence. Apparently, she sailed this boat several thousand miles, with this rig, including up wind. The boat was rather large 50 ft or more, and she had to work alone. The boat had been capsized by an enormous wave during a building storm and dismasted. She could not drag the heavy mast back aboard, so she had to cut it loose and let it sink. The main boom was all she had to work with as a mast.
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