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Leach Batten Caps for Beachcats

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by BobBill, Apr 19, 2016.

  1. BobBill
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    BobBill Senior Member

    Luff (not leach) Batten Pockets for Beachcats

    I screwed up and put in wrong place here. Not much on selling stuff.

    Full batten luff pockets (Bainbridge) are from Intensity Sail Hobie 16 mainsail.

    These caps have molded nut place to ease install, but

    I am using for outrigger and so not need battens etc.

    I removed, after some prodigious and careful work. Tedious to say least!

    Sail was sewn in China (duh) and the loft sheared screws at the nut, which distorted the shaft, more or less making removal near impossible. The nuts turned in place.

    But, I prevailed…I removed all the flat heads and nuts I could and then

    Carefully applied a heated socket to the nuts, melting the nylon to be able to grab nut, to anchor against screwdriver bit to force separation.

    The discolored areas are where the heated socket surrounded the nut and raised plastic can be smoothed with file easily.

    The heat did not damage the Dacron sail material or goof up the pockets, only made the nut base area larger.

    A couple flatheads are included, and most, if not all, the nuts.

    If you need, you will have to acquire the flatheads and nuts to match and use socket or open end wrench and driver to install.

    I am putting here for anyone looking for caps for cost of mailing. Say around $15 total willl reimburse whole dollars if mail cost estimate is too high.



    Just PM me. I could use PayPal, but costs more. PC is fine.
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