"Le Trophée des Multicoques" revival 28-31 August 2018

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Dolfiman, May 19, 2018.

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    I have read on various threads that some of you quoted the "Trophée des multicoques" in the 80's as an intense period of creativity and benchmarking for ocean multihulls design : catas, trimarans, first tentatives with foils, etc ….. a pivotal moment from which the current multis are direct descendants. The teaser here below remind you these good old days.

    30 years after (!), this competition is proposed again, at La Trinité 28-31 August, and will be for the biggest boats the "warm-up" event before "La Route du Rhum" 2 months later : the Ultims will be there in confrontation in the category 1 (except Banque Pop IX ?, too early a priori for the boat just refit). Web site (only in French up to now) is created with the 5 categories and the programme, participation is open to all >> registration form is now available here below :
    Web site :
    Le trophée des multicoques https://www.tropheedesmulticoques.com/fr/
    Registration form :
    S'inscrire à la course https://www.tropheedesmulticoques.com/fr/infos-pratiques/s-inscrire-a-la-course
    Teaser :
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    It's funny, but rather depressing, that despite the hype about the growth of multis there doesn't seem to be any current regatta with a fleet anything like as large as Le Trophee des Multicoques used to have.
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    80's were really a golden period with full of new ideas confronting to each other, made possible thanks to the enthusiasm of a new generation of sailors, naval architects, boat builder, public, sponsors... discovering the speed potential of multihulls and renewing the nautical show.
    The web site includes also an Historical section full of interesting articles, I have translated here attached the one about "VPLP first designs", an interview of Vincent Lauriot-Prévost about ocean multihulls evolution during the 80's.
    Other articles (that I can translate when possible) are :
    Paul Ricard , victories and woes
    Formula 40, the revolutionary formula, the optimal size (2 articles)
    Charlie advice , an interview of Charlie Capelle (multihull builder)
    From ORMA circuit to maxi Multis
    From Polynesian Prao to ocean multihull
    Pen Duick IV, the fradgile dragonfly
    About architectural diversity
    A start is born , the story of the Trophée des Multicoques

    Ref : Historique https://www.tropheedesmulticoques.com/fr/le-trophee/historique

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    Dolfiman, thank you for that-very interesting!!
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