lawn mower

Discussion in 'DIY Marinizing' started by boat, Nov 20, 2004.

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    Mr. Mach2, I'm not sure to who or what you are referring. Tom, when I find the modern paddlwheel thread I'll post something I found at the USPTO site. Whoever invented it sure thinks it will be high speed. Sam
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    thanks,will look forward to that as I find it an interesting subject.
  3. maxwell
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    I looked into building A simple V drive with two shafts, two pillow blocks, and a U joint to get the 12 degres out the bottom. It is very posible for about 100$.
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    This sounds very simple, do you have any plans or pictures of this homemade drive, I want to use a snowmobile engine in a small 11 foot speed boat, but am having problems trying to find a plan or picture of such a v drive, thanks Bill Pickering

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    Hartley in NZ has a design named Spearfish 12 which shows a simple IB based on a lawn mower engine. Glen-L designs has a very good book on the subject of Inboard engines for the homebuilt boat.

    Key seems to be being careful to not create a problem with gasoline fumes gathering to explode. Most seem to be direct drive, no reverse and often no neutral, so one must use a trolling motor, paddle, or oars for docking.

    In my opinion, good exhaust muffling is also important to make the modest cruising pace enjoyable.
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