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Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by NathanW, Sep 14, 2023.

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    I just purchased an older laser sailboat that had chipping paint on the hull. Once I removed it I found a couple areas that were soft with spider cracks.The hull has not lost its shape due to the soft spots. I do have hatch access inside the hull, how would I reinforce the hull to stiffen it up without having to cut into it?
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    Is the boat taking on water? Can you shine a bright light on the cracks and see them inside the hull? Do you have pictures of the areas to post?
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    Pretty open ended question. Sorry, not familiar with the boat. Are the soft spots localized? Give us some pictures.

  4. Tops
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    NathanW, if you have access to the area from the inside of the hull already you are a step ahead.

    Here is a link to another forum (that has a Laser section) where they show how to blind patch a Sunfish (instruction page and video). You would not need to use the same woven roving. The guy in the video has a blog that is worth paging through.

    Hole in hull

    The interesting thing about Sunfishes is that they are a single layer of heavy roving with resin and gelcoat versus multiple layers of thinner materials. The Lasers could be similar, I am not experienced with them to know for sure. Here is a thread where I am scratching my head about two of my boats. There is a video about another repair method and some cross sections. There is one cross section that shows a deck repair where they floated/flooded the cloth in resin, that is not a preferred method.

    Late 1980's Chopper Gunning - Resin Rich?

    Use the proper PPE for whatever materials and operations you do to the boat.
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