Large ship being lifted by Helicopters

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Devu De Goa, Dec 22, 2016.

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    Bags will work in some cases, and fail miserably in others. Youtube is full of failed launches. Even shipyards that do launches every day fail. Stuff breaks, moves and falls out of place. Boats are heavy things that want to break if not sitting in water all around. Even if you could build helicopters that could lift them... I would like to see the rope and where it attaches to.
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    Now that's some useful information we can give to the original poster on that professional website. Thanks.
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    The sort of person who thinks that pic is real is the target market for electric boat propulsion.
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    Aside: take pictures of the cable laying ships of yesteryear and caption them as electrically powered cargo ships either laying out or reeling in their extension cords....

    How many would believe you?
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    With the helicopters so close to the ship would they be fighting against their own downdrafts? Like trying to use a fan blowing against your sail to move your ship forward or trying to give your truck a push out of a snowbank while standing in the bed of it?
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    If that ship were made of styrofoam it would still weigh over 100 tons.
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    Not at all. It all turned out OK.

    "And yes, Around 21.30 LT, 4 tugs managed to pull M/V Heinrich Behrmann out & get her back afloat.

    After that, M/V Heinrich Behrmann was towed into Zeebrugge Port -- Her "Resort Weekend" Over."

    They didnt mention the helicoptors though :-(

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    Not as big and only one helicopter, but flying nontheless

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