Large 40'+ inflatable boat

Discussion in 'Materials' started by Sundevil, May 2, 2023.

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    Oh knowledgeable boat people, please explain why we don't see inflatable yachts in the 30-40' range? :)

    I have been on a large SUP like this before (, but is there some reason that many of these boards in different shapes couldn't be welded together (Learn How Drop Stitch Welding Gives Inflatable Paddle Boards Its Shape to create multiple air compartments to form catamaran hulls?
    I know that there are a lot of extreme forces out on the open ocean, and the wind wants to tear things apart, but how crazy is this idea?

    My concept is that it would end up looking like this Solarwave 46, just without windows in the hulls. (

    Would it need some structure, lots of patch kits on board, some fiberglass reinforcements someplace, and a no fishing hook policy? ;)
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    The engineering can be solved, but to what end? There is no market for such a machine, it's not like you can go to the beach, inflate it and sail away.
    There were big inflatable multihulls built, and they have crossed oceans, but it's a challenge type of sailing, not leisure.
    If you're still interested here a team that circumnavigated using two boats, a trimaran and a catamaran. Фото
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    Yep, by the time you get structure in to support the propulsion and habitability you get something that looks like this.... (edited to get the 30-40 foot range)

    Edit to add. Yeah, that's really not fair, but the need for structure to hold the basic things that make it a "yacht" really drives this. FWIW, there are fully inflatables this size... just not for pleasure
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