Laptop 12V adapter

Discussion in 'OnBoard Electronics & Controls' started by CDK, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. CDK
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    CDK retired engineer

    This is the sort of thing you need to run a laptop from on board DC.
    But you'll discover that your next laptop isn't satisfied with the 16 V from your Sony, IBM or Fujitsu, but wants 18, 19 or even more because it is another brand.

    Do you need a new adapter?

    You might think so, but NO, hidden under the decal is a 5 position slider switch, visible only when the housing is opened or the decal lifted. It is in left position for 16V, the next two are 18 and 19 V. I didn't look any further because my Acer travelmate needs 19 V.

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  2. rwatson
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    rwatson Senior Member

    Ummm - brand, price and supplier details would be nice
  3. liki
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    liki Senior Member

    I have bought two similar products, different aftermarket products are very widely available and most intented a fit a collection of different laptops. The units are usually supplied with a collection of connectors for different laptops, the ones that I have are also able to autodetect the required output voltage.
  4. CDK
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    CDK retired engineer

    Mine isn't that fancy. It was offered on Ebay 2 years ago for approx. $35 under several brand names and model numbers, always for one specific laptop brand. This particular one is labeled for IBM/Sony, Model SP-5, 120 Watts @ 16 V.

    I opened it up and had my soldering iron ready, only to discover to slider switch.
  5. ddrdan
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    I repair laptops. You're my best type of customer! Power faults. :D (Just kidding.)

    Really, be careful with what specific amperage the converter is supplying at each voltage setting. You may already know this charger rule, "match the volts exceed the amps"

    Each laptop manufacturers charger is different but most are also integrated in the control of the battery charging circuit and the battery pack smart chip. Without the right one, you could be shortening the life span of your battery pack. That's also possible in all the new smart phones and pads.

    The power/supply circuits on laptop motherboards are cranky old women. They're fussy and explode over nothing.:)
  6. DennisRB
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    Just buy it directly from ebay. That way you only pay $7 and the slider is on the front with a label and it comes with 8 different plugs to suit many laptops. I purchased 4 before I sailed off from the USA to Australia.

  7. tazmann
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    tazmann Senior Member

    My 12 volt adapter that came with the Acer laptop was short lived and a friend of mine recommended just buying a small ac converter and just use the original ac charger, ended up just buying a cheap 400 watt that plugs directly into cig lighter . He said it was the safest rout that he had worked on many that had fried boards from faulty adapters .
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