Landing School & Southampton Solent Joint Program

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    The Landing School in Maine, USA and Southampton Solent University in Southampton, England offer a joint program leading to a BEng (Hons) Yacht and Powercraft Design degree from Southampton Solent University. The first year is move to Southampton Solent University for two years in the Yacht and Powercraft Design program. The Southampton Solent program is normally three years but students in the joint program start in the second year at Southampton Solent. Upon completion students receive a BEng (Hons) Yacht and Powercraft Design degree from Southampton Solent University.

    Barry Acker of The Landing School told me that approximately ten students have completed the joint program. It appears to be a good alternative to someone interested in a university level program in boat design rather than naval architecture, and who would not be able to directly enter the Southampton Solent program.

    The Landing School Yacht Design:
    Southampton Solent University Yacht and Powercraft Design Program:
    Joint program: Solent Partnership.pdf
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