Landing Craft design from Down Under considered by USN

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    Navy Researching New Class of Medium Amphibious Ship, New Logistics Ships - USNI News

    Did having everything upside down have something to do with the ship being in the wrong direction?

    Says bow (and prop) is good for heavy seas, but wouldn't the bow mounted prop clear the water in big waves more than typical under the stern mounted props? Also seems like you'd get more drag from high-velocity prop wash directed straight back into rapidly widening hull VS a stern prop that sucks water from all directions ahead of it. Didn't see any mention of air-under hull effect.

    "SLV design has overcome the primary problems associated with conventional landing craft, including: Poor head sea capability due to bluff bow ramp, dramatically reducing speed(BUT WONT SAME HEAD SEA HAVE THE PROP OUT OF THE WATER 1/2 TIME?); Poor visibility due to bow ramp(CAN'T YOU PUT A CCTV ON A MAST, OR SEND UP A LOOKOUT); Crew discomfort and fatigue due to location of accommodation directly above machinery spaces(AIN'T THE BOW THE MOST UNCOMFORTABLE PLACE TO BE? I CAN SOLVE NOISE WITH $1 EARPLUGS BUT I DON'T HAVE ANY ANTI-GAVITY, YET); Inadequate power available when de-beaching due to propellers working inefficiently astern(AIN'T THAT MEAN YOU'RE GONNA HAVE INADEQUATE POWER FOR BEACHING, WHICH IS WHAT COUNTS, SINCE DE-BEACHING IS NORMALLY AIDED BY HAVING A MUCH LIGHTER SHIP?), and the need to overcome the forefoot suction effect,” and more."

    PS-ain't it SOP for retreating (back in the water heading back for another load) landing crafts to help pull still beached LCs back into water with ropes?
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