lancer corniche express 33 HELP

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by thebigcheese, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. thebigcheese
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    thebigcheese Junior Member

    hi im new here so hi to everyone!

    Does anybody no anything about this boat?
    Has anyone got or owned one?

    i have got hold of one, in a bit of a state which i am in the process of rebuilding. Would love to see if anyone else has one as i think they seem to be rare? Im rebuilding the engines at the moment and having lots of fun and spending lots of money:cool: !!!
  2. wet feet
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    wet feet Senior Member

    Built in the early seventies for a few years.You may get more replies from one of the ybw forums.Google may turn up a bit of information.
  3. seamy
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    seamy Junior Member

    I believe there was a lancer corniche owners club/forum,at one time,My brother has one of these hulls,and seem to remember them been raced at one time,quite a while back though,He never did do anything with the hull,dont think it has ever even been in the water

  4. hydroholic
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    hydroholic New Member

    Ran in a 33 for years with three different power situations. Chrysler motors with Dana Drives(55). Chrysler motors supercharged with Arneson drives(70). Mercruiser Repower with Bravo Drives(70). The boat runs awesome in a small 2 foot sea but offshore 4-10 it's a bit too much. Ours was bought new in England and spent most of its life in Michigan. Re:That blue one on the web with the cradle. that cradle was custom built to ship the boat we used ours as part of an algonac hoist. The boat was a solid performer and ran well in florida where she was finally sold.The wrap around windsheild was broken once and was very difficult to get replaced.Way ahead of the times.Great Boat and we referred to the cushion area over the engines as the play pen.
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