Laminators and Boat Builders wanted for Queensland and Western Australia

Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by RSTconsulting, May 21, 2007.

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    Hi people,

    I am currently looking for skilled laminators and luxury boat builders for some vacancies I have in both Western Australia and Queensland. Additionally I have a small number of cabinet maker positions avaialble for wooden interiors. My client would like cabinet makers to have at least 5 years relevant experience.

    The positions are with 3 very large boat-building firms in the 20 ' + range.

    Applicants should have at least 3 years experience in this field, and would need to be Trade Qualified to be accepted onto the 457 Visa Programme.

    Salarys will vary on an applicant's skills and experience

    The locations of the factories are in Perth/Fremantle and in the Brisbane / Gold Coast areas.

    If you are interested please e-mail me your CV / Resume with a covering letter to or fax it to +44 1594 517125

    Or phone on +44 1594 517126

    RST Consulting Associates, Newnham, UK
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