Laminated spruce mast survey

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Sonie, Oct 12, 2005.

  1. Sonie
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    Sonie New Member

    I'm planning on purchasing a 28ft. laminated spruce mast complete w/ galvanised rigging and all fittings. The owner says there is some slight de-lamination... Just need to fill in w/ epoxy.

    I'm going to look at it soon, and would like to know what to "look out for". What can be fixed and what should make me forget about the whole deal?

    How long do these masts usually last?


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  2. lewisboats
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    Personally I would be leary. What's to stop it delaminating in other spots after you fix it. WHY is it delaminating? Is there something wrong with the glue that they used to put it together with. If it was built with good glue...the wood should be be what is coming apart, rather than the glue line. If the wood IS coming apart, ther is trouble there too.

  3. nero
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    If the delamination is a fiberglass skin on the outside of the mast, it may be due to exposure to sun. The whole mast would need to be laminated with a new layer of fibers ... after removing all the old.

    Maybe the value of the mast is that of the fittings?
  4. PAR
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    Galvanized rig pieces suggests a low buck approach to the mast and it's equipment. These low balled techniques, generally produced from equally down and dirty methods, shouldn't be expected to last as long as a rig of better materials. If you lack the experience to identify and access the condition plus the value of this assembly, you would be well advised to bring along a person who is.

  5. yokebutt
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    Injecting epoxy is the easy part, make sure you can prep the surfaces completely first though.

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