Laminate or dacron for 60 foot catamaran

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by MichaelRoberts, Mar 4, 2022.

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    Been a bit slow replying ... I sort of postponed the decision and decided to go for a bit of a sail. Knackered from building work non stop through Covid

    There seems to be approximately four levels of price (in Australian dollars)

    1. Panelled dacron $24k
    2. Radial dacron $30k
    3. Hydranet $40k
    4. 3Di laminate $85k

    That's for 100 sq m main, self tacking job and a gennika/Genoa

    Thanks for all your advice
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    I'm no expert, but given the very small foils on your boat you'll have to be achieving pretty good lift/drag ratios to stop them from stalling too often, which indicates laminate to me. The rudders seem to be smaller in area, compared to the rig, than those of F18s or A Class. To get the sort of speeds those very narrow chord foils normally means very flat sails and keeping the draft stable in depth and position at those apparent windspeeds is very tough with dacron, unless it's so heavy that it will be a bear to handle.

    Laminates vary enormously. I've got a couple that have been amazingly durable. I recently threw away a scrim mylar #3 that had come out with the boat when it sailed from NY to Oz, so it must have been 25+ years old. The shape was terrible by the end but the durability was very good.

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    FWIW another opinion, no greater value than the reasoning contained.

    1. Paneled Dacron seems unworthy of your new build. From a perception point even if it satisfies you
    2. Radial cut Dacron could be satisfactory -Are you the type who will toss a good looking sail because you don't like the shape anymore? If yes, RD is not for you.
    3. Hydranet (radial) is where I would land for cruising your boat. Confident that the shape and durability are maximized, and it folds without damage.
    4. 3Di are awesome, I love the tech, Carbon carries the load and isn't affected by UV (glue is), no better way to show you have money -like why you put a big flashy rock on a trophy wife. The downside is carbon doesn't fold -you would need to reconsider sail handling, roller boom?

    Another possibility, for the occasional upwind race leg, have a stiff flat cut jib -that is where and when you need the material properties. Note -this is coming from pinhead monohull experience -your main is a bigger contributor to performance.
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