Laminate, and Resin Thickness Calculator

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by useragentseven, Jan 22, 2020.

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    I'm sorry, I recognize that this is an old thread, but, I just came across it today, through a Google Search.

    Additionally, another search lead me to this "Materials Calculator" by FiberGlast.

    The calculator allows you to enter the following parameters for the part you are creating/making:
    • Width (in inches)
    • Length (in inches)
    • Desired Thickness (in inches)
    Then, select the number of layers of each cloth type your part will need. Then click Calcluate.

    The calculator offers an estimate of total resin weight (in pounds) for your part (based on 1.75 times the total fabric weight).

    I'm sure this won't be useful from an engineering standpoint, or answer the question, "How strong is it?", but, the calculator offers a rough estimate of expected/completed material thickness (resin included).
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    Excellent, thank you for the link to this materials calculator - I just had a play with it, and it looks like it will be very useful.
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